Dr Lars Heitmann trying out the PCID

A very well known doctor in Switzerland, Dr. Heitmann of Fue-haartransplantation.ch/en from Switzerland (Zurich) visited our hair transplant training centre some time ago during an FUE course in which several physicians and medical doctors attended. Dr. Lars Heitmann tried out the PCID of Cole Dr. John Cole from Dr. Cole`s Tools company.

About: Dr Heitmann is a renowned hair surgeon specialized in Follicular Unit Extraction with multiple public results in the german speaking market. Many TV stations also requested to interview Dr. Lars Heitmann. He began carrying out FUE surgeries already before 16 years! Check for further details on the homepage from Andreas Krämer of the hairforlife hair transplant consultation center and who is also co-founder of the Hair Restoration training facility regarding much more detailed information about the Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant carried out from Doktor Heitmann in Zurich, Switzerland.

Check out the below interview made between Dr. John Peter Cole and Doctor Lars Heitmann from Zurich Switzerland: