Videos about the PCID and other Instruments from Coleinstruments

Here we will show you in future videos about the PCID and other Instruments from Coleintruments

Doctor Carlos Calixto about the PCID

Doctor Carlos Calixto from Brazil has tested the pcid in our hair transplant training center in Turkey – Ankara. Doctor Calixto is doing the fue hair restoration technique since many years. Till now he used several different extraction tools. But most convinced he is about the PCID from Dr. Cole. He visited our 3 day fue hair transplant training course in ankara to get more experience with the pcid and to gain his knowledge about the fue technique. In amount Dr. Carlos Calixto is the opinion that the pcid has huge advantages over other automated and robotic fue extraction devices. Like the PCID is very easy – lightweight – and the PCID develop no heat. Also the size of the device would be perfect for him and machine would make it for him much more ways to perform hair transplants with the fue technique.

Watch the video from Doctor Carlos Calixto and his opinion about the pcid from Cole Instruments:

Doctor Lars Heitmann is testing PCID:

Doctor Lars Heitmann a Hair Surgeon specialized in fue hair transplant from Zurich – Switzerland has tested the PCID. Dr. Lars Heitmann already perform fue hair transplants since 2004. Dr. Cole interviewed him after testing the PCID.

PCID – Example Video of head hair extraction:


PCID – Example Video of beard hair extraction: