The PCID Advantages: Revolutionizing FUE Extraction


The PCID is the only programmable follicular unit extraction device used to allow for the safest and fastest FUE ever

The PCID features a motorized unit for the automated extraction of grafts being controlled by a central brain which is sending a specific message to the handpiece of the surgeon

The PCID offers precise depth control mechanism to safely remove follicles from the donor area of the patient.

The PCID motorized unit and punches generates absolutely no heat and the PCID runs without any noise!

The PCID has almost, unlimited configuration options

The PCID control the rotational speed precisely

The PCID offers optional settings including rotation, oscillation and rotation followed by oscillation

The PCID is at lot easier than many other devices. The hand device is very good in the hand

The PCIC allows to use the sharpest punches in the industry for use in the handpiece > Transection Rate below 2,58 %!  Read also the article “Cole Serrounded Punch – The sharpest punch in the industry” 

The PCID also has the benefits of reducing fatigue and repetitive stress injuries associated with the normal extraction of individual follicles