CIT Hair Transplant

Dr. John P. Cole has improved extraction and transplant procedures into a revolutionary and proprietary process for the treatment of hair loss. The CIT® Hair Transplant is the embodiment of the latest advances in procedures as well as utilization of specially designed tools in hair transplants.

CIT® represents the pinnacle of advances in “Follicular Unit Extraction” (FUE) hair transplant technology. Follicular Unit Extraction is a procedure where groups of naturally growing hair called “follicular units” are carefully extracted from donor sites to the transplant area. Circular punches and high power magnification are used. These specially designed tools improved by Dr. Cole, extract the individual follicular units and damage to the units is greatly minimized compared to former methods. The follicular units are strategically arranged in the desired are to create a natural and pleasing hair growth.

The Cole Hair Transplant Group offers a host of services which are referred to as “FUE+” which include, among others, a minimal depth FUE, Platelet Rich Plasma and ACell therapy and a non-shaven CIT transplant (known as “C2G”). These services bring the transplant procedure to a whole new level.

The minimal depth FUE procedure centers around the Cole Isolation Technique (CIT) that allows for variation in punch size and depth, promoting to greater graft quality. Because of Dr. Cole’s development of this process which can be tailored to individual patients and with the special tools he crafted, there is precise control when removing the units for transplant. The advanced control protects the hair unit from injury or transection, which is a cutting off of the hair bulb. This process also leaves stem cells which respond to the other therapies offered and promote better healing and hair growth and regeneration.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and ACell therapy also improve patient results compared to traditional procedures. PRP derives from the patient’s own blood and releases growth factors. Not only does PRP stimulate superior function of the hair follicles in thinning areas it also promotes healing after the transplant. PRP also advances healthy growth of the transplanted hair follicles.

ACell therapy has been proven in wound treatment and is effective in hair transplant patients. It stimulates follicle stem cell activation for hair follicle regeneration in the donor area and promotes tissue healing.

The Cole Hair Transplant Group’s exclusive CIT® hair transplant techniques and FUE+ represent state of the art advancement in hair transplant procedures.